Terms & Conditions


Liquor License

Annapurna estate is a fully licensed venue. We have a legal responsibility to refuse alcohol to intoxicated persons or persons under the age of 18 years. Intoxicated persons or persons causing a nuisance will be removed from the premises. Strictly No BYO.

Pricing and Payment

A surcharge of 20% will apply for weddings held on public holidays. Prices are based on current costs, market prices and negotiations. Prices ARE subject to change as determined by management.

Deposit, Cancellation and Payment

Tentative bookings will be held for 14 days only. We reserve the right to release any booking dates not confirmed within 14 days. Confirmation and payment of a $500 deposit is required within 14 days to secure the venue. Prices are fixed only following payment of a deposit.

Final numbers and seating plans

Final numbers must be confirmed 21 days prior to the wedding date. These numbers will be used for set up, catering and charges. Full payment of meals is required 21 days before the wedding – based on confirmed numbers. Beverage tab is to be settled at the completion of bar service on the wedding day. Any cancellations must be advised in writing. At management’s discretion, a portion of the deposit may be refunded but only WHEN the date is subsequently booked by another party. No refund will be made once final numbers advised and payment for catering has been made.

Closing times

Due to license constraints there will be no bar service after 11.30pm. An additional fee will be charged if guests remain after 12.15am.




Please note there is a strict “no wax” policy that precludes the use of open lit candles. Paper confetti, glitter sparkles, party poppers, streamers etc are not permitted to be used on site. An additional cleaning charge will apply for functions found to be using these.


Annapurna Estate does not accept responsibility for, and/or loss and/or damage to clients’ gifts or effects whatsoever, including gifts or effects brought onto, or left at the venue. Clients will be held financially responsible for any loss or damage incurred by themselves, their guests or contractors before, during or after the function.


Photo opportunities in the vineyard for your wedding photos