Name and Label



When the Minutellos bought the property it was already named ‘Annapurna’. The previous owner said ‘every man has his Annapurna’, his mountain to climb, his challenges. It was named after the Annapurna Range in the Himalayas. There are five peaks, similarly we have five peaks across our range: Mts Bogong; Nelse, Fainter, Feathertop, and Hotham.



Annapurna LogoThe label depicts our view /aspect of Mt Bogong, from the estate. Mount Bogong is symbolic, reflecting and hopefully in time iconic of, what ‘Annapurna Estate’ is about. It’s the ‘Big Fella’, big and solid. It represents solidarity, stability and endurance. It is there to be climbed; to reach new heights to challenge and yet to be achieved, because ‘Every man has his Annapurna’. But it is also about revitalisation; the clean pristine environment of the snow-capped mountain offers clarity and perspective.


The label represents our four key concepts:


Stability in the sense of being grounded, solidarity and strength.


About taking up the challenge, about stepping out on the journey, about seeking excellence and reaching new heights. But it is also about endurance of quality; that whatever you are doing needs to last; about our underlying viticultural and vinicultural practices; and about the enduring quality of our wines.


Annapurna Estate is a place where people can come and be revitalised; where the worries of their everyday lives can be cast aside; where they will enjoy hospitality, warmth, friendliness and comfort.


Perspective is provided at Annapurna Estate. There is an openness and the boundaries are lifted; things fall into their rightful place here; and people can take time out to reflect.

"Alpine vineyard reaches new heights"

"It is something of a credit to Mr. Minutello that whatever he does, he does with great professionalism. Visitors to the Field Day (to acknowledgement of their Victorian Farm Management Competition) were impressed not only by his vineyard, but by his management systems, which include extensive use of computer for business management and vineyard operations.

His workshop for its organisation and equipment resources would be matched by very few others, and his approach to agricultural chemical management and operator safety should be mandatory in every vineyard."

April, 1999