The Winery

Many people ask us about the name Annapurna and its meaning…

The name was taken from the second highest mountain in the world in Nepal by the previous owner of the property. On further investigation we discovered that the Nepalese translation of Annapurna is;

‘Goddess of Bountiful Harvest and Fertility’
We feel this aptly describes our Vineyard…

View from the Air of Annapurna Estate

"At the neatest, most impressive vineyard I've ever seen high up on Mount Beauty we tasted beautiful dark Pinot Noir berries and Mike Kluczko (Chief sparkling Wine Maker Southcorp) raved about the Fineness and Lemony bite he found in the pulp and juice.

"This juice he said was destined for Seppelt Salinger, the Flagship of the Southcorp Wine Group.

"At a tasting of their wines held for the grape growers at Seppelt Great Western a few months after vintage, Kluczko, with a smile on his face, showed me how that Pinot Noir from Mount Beauty had turned out.  It was Softly Aromatic with a Crisp Lemony acid."

Excerpt from 
Divine Magazine