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Annapurna Estate - A Profile

Momo Sun - Asian Representative
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Australia is famous for its stunning, unspoiled landscape.
This beauty is matched by its highly crafted wines. Climate, geography and human skill have combined to produce highly distinctive, premium quality wines, which are the riches of a clean, green land.
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Annapurna Estate
has a rich history of 5 generations of winemakers spanning over 150 years. Annapurna embraces and combines 5 generations of traditional winemaking with innovation to make the best wines in the world.

Annapurna Estate is located in the state of Victoria, which is at the south-eastern point of the country. Our products have developed a strong following around the world; our established vineyards are producing fantastic fruit

The grapes that make our superb wines are grown with care and attention, which produces grapes with exceptional flavour and quality. The fruit takes longer to ripen and harvest is later than in warm climates. This gives the fruit time to develop its intense flavors.

We express the natural flavors and colors of the fruit, so the style is fresh and elegant.

Careful handling of the fruit and the inherent, excellent acid and pH levels resulting from the cool climate of the site eliminates the need for high levels of winery intervention.

winemaker Brian WilsonOur International award winning Winemaker, Brian Wilson then takes these grapes and crafts them into the amazing range of wines that is exciting wine drinkers all over the world. Wilson has an obsessive attention to detail, a passionate intellectual approach, and an over-riding refusal to accept anything but the best

Annapurna’s commitment to our customers is to consistently deliver a range of fine wines that match the increasing demand for unique and interesting wines from Australia. This exciting range of wines enables us to supply distinctive wine in attractive packaging to retail traders that need new and compelling wines.

Vineyard and Climate

At an altitude of 600m, this is one of the highest vineyards in Victoria. The climate and soil type are comparable to the higher altitude wine growing areas in Europe. In addition to this, clean Estate spring water, clear air together with very cold winters, hot summer days and cool nights makes for intensely flavored high quality grapes.

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Annapurna has 100 acres of grapes in 2 locations, under its own management at the Estate. Our supply of Australia’s best grapes is something we’re really proud of. We work hard to source as much as possible from local producers, and we buy fruit from up to 28 growers

Fruit from multiple sites scattered around the slopes of the Great Dividing Range results in a wide variety of flavours and elements which manifest themselves in the wines, due to the differences in soils, weather conditions, and other factors which are manipulated in order to make our wine great

Each key person in the Annapurna team is a Master in their field.

We employ only the best people who have an extensive variety of knowledge and skills; and are all proud to be part of the team...

Ezio Minutello - 5th generation winemaker

Ezio Minutello is a 5th generation winemaker upholding his long, successful famous family traditions.

ezio smallEzio Minutello controls the grapes making sure that only the best quality ends up in our wines. He has over 25 years’ experience in the wine industry, and has been extremely successful winning many awards and trophies

These include Gold medals in the London International Wine Challenge, Awards for the best Victorian wines, success at the Sydney and Melbourne Wine shows winning Trophies for his Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Over the years, his wines have won more than 200 individual medals.Ezio has more than 10 years’ experience in Italy working on viticultural and winemaking projects. Ezio has planted experimental vineyards in Tuscany province, and has worked with Master Winemaker Brian Wilson making wine from the premium grapes growing in the Alpine Mountains.


Brian Wilson:

The Master Winemaker

Brian Wilson - master winemaker

Brian Wilson is expert in the field of wine, winemaking, product design and marketing concepts, having 31 years’ experience in the international wine industry. His expertise is very sought afterWilson’s ability to capture the personality of Annapurna’s Vineyard, one of Victoria’s highest acclaimed and greatest vineyard elevates him without question to the top of the best winemaker list every year.

Wilson creates wines that allow the vineyard and vintage to control the direction of the wine. No winemaking style taste as hands off and gentle as Wilson’s style. With the Asian palate in mind, he crushes the reds and whites in tiny fermenting containers, using all manual push downs for reds, fermenting with a combination of native and new local yeast, basket pressing and blending small lots.

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bin28 label
Some of Brian Wilson’s many achievements and accolades include: -

Trophy – Australia’s Best Premium Chardonnay -National Wine Show, Canberra 1996.

Trophy – Australia’s Best Sparkling Wine - National Wine Show, Canberra 1997

Winner of Winewise Award for the best Sauvignon Blanc in Australia and New Zealand 1997.

Double Gold Medal: - New York International Wine Show - Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal:- Chardonnay Du Monde France (4 times)

Winemaker of the Year - Eastern Europe (twice)


Winemaker’s philosophy

The winemaker’s philosophy Is to let the fruit’s flavours drive the wine, giving a distinctive personality and character to each bottle. Personally select the grapes that require minimal interference from the winemaker with the whole process being environment friendly


Our Wines

Our Wines

Tasting notes: -

Our wines are full of personality and character, and as such have a natural affinity with food. Typically, they have magnificent fruit flavours, are clean and modern due to the latest winemaking and vineyard techniques, and have a crisp, refreshing vitality. Our wines are exciting, approachable and enjoyable.

annapurna wine range

cab sauv


bin28 cab sauv

bin66 shiraz

One Winery. 5 Unique Brands.

It is the challenge of modern winemaking – how to efficiently manage multiple wine brands to take advantage of economies of scale, while retaining the boutique authenticity of each individual brand.

For Annapurna Wine Estates, that means a “string of pearls” strategy that allows each of our brands its own voice.

Normally wineries have a “formula” mentality that reduce wines to uniform tastes.

Instead, the winemakers get to be creative with each parcel of fruit that results in an exploration and celebration of its own brand

Annapurna is transforming the culture of the winery business from a production-led wine-making mentality, to a brand-led and consumer focused one.

We are changing the culture and strategic direction of the business to be about building brands, with the wine making and supply supporting and delivering to our customers and consumers
Each brand will have its own character and personality ... which of our brands will reflect your personality?


Silverback Estate

silverback commercial rangesilverback premiumsilverback super premium


Hidden Valley Estate

hidden valley pinot noirHidden Valley Estate range is a tribute to the Annapurna’s rich heritage.

The winemaking team has respect for traditional winemaking techniques and is also dynamic and imaginative.

The Hidden Valley winemakers are conscious of modern wine styles, and create wines that reflect their passion for this special region.

The Hidden Valley wines are rich and honest - showcasing the Australia’ outstanding qualities.

Hidden Valley Estate reds are a bold, rich, reds with the backbone to stand up to a great steak, a perfect combination – a match made in heaven.

Just as different meats have different flavour, texture and appeal - so do our Hidden Valley wines. Our range will match lightly flavoured meats, game flavours up to the premium cuts with the richest sauces

Varieties: - Cabernet Sauvignon; Shiraz; Pinot Noir and Merlot


Petticoat Lane

petticoat lane shirazpetticoat lane cab sauv

Petticoat Lane began with a revolution.

Back in 1992, in the Australian sunshine, our winemaker Ezio Minutello passionately believed that wine should be enjoyed not debated.
Complex terminology and vintages were drowning out what mattered most –taste!
So taste is where he started.
That’s when the world started to fall in love with Petticoat Lane.

More than 20 years later, there is a Petticoat Lane wine to suit all tastes and occasions - from classic crisp whites to fruity reds and fresh rosés.

This means that everyone can find something to love in the Petticoat Lane range.


Rosé, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sparkling Moscato and Rosé, White and Red Blends

Petticoat Lane. The area’s best loved wine.

Prices and Shipping:


Prices for shipping vary according to time, exchange rates, destination and quantity.

Our qualified staff can take care of all of the shipping or if you prefer this can be done by the purchaser.

A general Guide for standard bottles and packaging

1 Shipping container
= 1,176 Dozen
= 14,112 (750 ml) Bottles
= 10,584 Litres

As a guide, a 20’ container of wine shipped from the Port of Melbourne to Shanghai is approximately $1,500.


Allow up to $500 for documents and export paperwork

There are Extras which can included such as $400 for a fitted internal insulation panel for use in summer, slight differences in hand packing or slip sheets etc. and insurance which varies slightly depending on the value of the wines in the container.


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